How to change menu background in Overwatch 2

How to change menu background in Overwatch 2


Do you know how to change menu background in Overwatch 2? Change the Overwatch 2 menu background to customise your game experience. As a player, you know how crucial it is to feel connected to the video game environment, and the menu background sets the tone. This gives up a universe of customisation options for Overwatch 2’s menu background, whether you want a different visual theme to fit your mood or to improve gaming immersion.

When you log into Overwatch 2, a dynamic UI sets the stage for your heroic adventures. Heroes, maps, events, and updates are displayed on the menu background, which changes with the game’s story. This dynamic nature deepens your gaming experience, making each main menu visit a voyage.

As you learn more about Overwatch 2’s menu system, changing the background isn’t only for looks. It’s about customising your gameplay environment, connecting with the game world, and maybe even getting ideas for your next session. Whether you’re an Overwatch veteran or novice, menu background customisation can enhance your gameplay experience. Here are the simple steps how to change menu background in Overwatch 2.

How to change menu background in Overwatch 2

For Battle Net

  1. Navigate to Overwatch 2 in your game selection screen on Battle Net.
  2. Click gear icon next to the ‘Play‘ button and select ‘Game Settings.’
  3. Under ‘Game Settings‘ tab, check the box next to ‘Additional command line arguments.’
  4. Enter the code –lobbyMap=> where the Background ID corresponds to the background you want.

For Steam

  1. Right-click on Overwatch 2 in your games list and select ‘Properties.’
  2. Under the ‘General‘ setting, go to ‘Launch Options.’
  3. Enter the code –lobbyMap=> in the Launch Options section.

Background Codes

Here are some examples of background codes you can use:

  1. Hanzo Onryo: –lobbyMap=0x08000000000010F2
  2. Lilith Moira: –lobbyMap=0x08000000000010AC
  3. D.VA (Lunar Busan): –lobbyMap=0x0800000000000817
  4. Le Sserafim Collab: –lobbyMap=0x0800000000000864
  5. Winter Wonderland 2023: –lobbyMap=0x0800000000001197

Understanding the Importance of Menu Background in Overwatch 2

  1. Visual Appeal: The menu background creates the action game’s mood. A well-designed background can attract players’ attention and set the mood for the game when they launch it.
  2. Backgrounds often reflect the game’s theme: plot, or current events. Players are engaged and informed about in-game updates when the background changes to display festive themes or new content during special events or seasons.
  3. Ambience: A dynamic or interactive menu background helps enhance game mood. Design and animations can portray urgency, enthusiasm, or tranquilly.
  4. Player Engagement: A unique menu background might help retain players outside of multiplayer games. Players may enjoy the game more by browsing menus, customising settings, or engaging with backdrop items.
  5. The menu background: It is part of the adventure game’s branding. Consistent and well-designed backgrounds reinforce the game’s image and appeal to existing and new players.
  6. Clarity and Accessibility: A visually beautiful background is necessary, but it must not distract from menu navigation. A mix between aesthetics and usefulness makes game modes, settings, and other options easy to reach.

Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Menu Background Changes

  1. Customise Themes: Overwatch 2 has menu background themes. Try different themes to discover one you like. There’s a theme for everyone, from sleek and minimalist to flamboyant and colourful.
  2. Hero or Map Match: Match your menu backdrop with your favourite heroes or maps. You may choose a wallpaper that prominently depicts Tracer if you love playing as him. Choose backgrounds with your favourite maps or game modes.
  3. Seasonal Themes: Overwatch 2 introduces seasonal themes for holidays and special events. Many themes include festive features and distinctive graphics, making your menu background exciting and themed.
  4. Overwatch 2’s dynamic menu backgrounds alter or animate: Explore these dynamic backdrops to make menu navigation more immersive and interesting.
  5. Adjust Settings: Menu background quality and performance may be adjustable depending on your device. To optimise performance and smooth transitions, adjust animations, resolution, and visual effects.
  6. Customise Menu Backgrounds: Overwatch 2 may allow menu backdrop customisation using personal pictures or artwork. Explore these options to customise your menu background to match your gameplay style.
  7. Stay Updated: Overwatch 2 updates and patches may add new menu backgrounds, features, and optimisations. Staying updated lets you enjoy the newest menu background enhancements.


Overwatch 2’s menu background can be customised to improve gameplay and immersion. Customising the background adds a personal touch to gaming and makes it more fun. In Overwatch 2, changing the menu background lets you customise your gaming experience. It personalised and customised your Overwatch 2 experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game and make it more pleasant and unforgettable.

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