How to Change Shortcut Icons in Windows

How to Change Shortcut Icons in Windows


Have you ever wished to know how to Change Shortcut Icons in Windows? Icons provide programmes and folders a unique look that matches your style and preferences. Changing shortcut icons may personalise your desktop, whether you’re a Windows veteran or just starting out. Imagine knowing your most used programmes by their titles and by certain visual signals that resonate with you. Like decorating your desk with motivational items.

You may desire a gaming-themed symbol for your shortcuts or a minimalist look for your work tools. Changing Windows shortcut icons lets you personalise your digital world. Icons have functional uses beyond aesthetics. They can organise your desktop by categorising shortcuts or highlighting relevant apps with icons. This organisation improves visual appeal, accessibility, and workflow, saving you time and effort on your computer. Here are the simple steps how to Change Shortcut Icons in Windows.

How to Change Shortcut Icons in Windows

  1. To edit a shortcut, right-click on it and choose “Properties.”
  2. Select “Change Icon” option in Shortcut (LNK) or Web Document (URL) tab.
  3. Tap “Browse,” then find and pick the icon’s file extension (.ico,.icl,.exe, or.dll).
  4. After you’ve found the icon you want, click “OK.”
  5. To finalise the modification to the icon, click “OK“.
  6. Press F5 to refresh the desktop or window if the icon doesn’t update right away.

Why Change Shortcut Icons in Windows?

  1. Personalisation by Visual Means: You can create a visually appealing desktop and folder environment. Improve the aesthetics of your desktop and make it more personal by selecting icons that speak to you or reflect your tastes.
  2. Goals Related to Organisation: Using a variety of icons can greatly enhance the efficiency of your file and application organisation needs. Use various icons for different shortcuts to make them easier to find and use. For instance, you can use different icons for files connected to work, entertainment, and personal papers.
  3. Efficiency and Recognition: Personalised symbols have the potential to considerably enhance each of these aspects. Making sure that your most used programmes and folders have their own distinct icons will help you save time and effort when searching for them on your desktop or in file explorer.
  4. Enhancing Branding and Identity: Professionals and businesses might benefit from having bespoke icons made. By including corporate logos or branded icons into shortcuts, you may establish a consistent visual identity across all digital platforms, further increasing brand recognition.
  5. Increased Clarity and Accessibility: Custom icons improve clarity and accessibility, especially for visually impaired people. Set your symbols apart with unique forms, colours, and patterns. File and application navigation will be easier for everyone.

Enhancing Productivity with Personalized Shortcut Icons

  1. Efficient Access: Save time and avoid navigating through folders and menus by creating straight shortcuts to your frequently used documents and programmes on the desktop or taskbar. Cutting off the unnecessary steps and levels of menus is a huge time saver.
  2. Streamlined Workspace: One way to make your workspace more organised is to personalise shortcut icons with pictures or labels that you recognise. To make it easier to distinguish between shortcuts for professional programmes, personal projects, and entertainment software, you may use distinct icons for each.
  3. Visual Assist: Having custom icons made can assist you recall what each shortcut is for. You may make it easier to find and use the relevant tool fast by using icons. For instance, you can use a calculator icon for spreadsheet software, a book icon for your reading list, or a camera icon for your photo editing programme.
  4. Modifying the icons for your shortcuts: It is a great way to make your digital space unique and fit your needs. To make your computer experience more unique, you can personalise it by choosing icons that speak to you or by making your own designs to represent various chores or projects.


Have you ever wished you could alter the look of your Windows shortcuts to suit your tastes? In a subtle but meaningful way, you can personalise your desktop or taskbar to suit your tastes. I was thrilled to hear about this feature and look forward to seeing how I may personalise my office. Changing the icons for Windows shortcuts is an easy and effective method to personalise your computer desktop.

Take charge of your computer experience and make it more aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly by customising the appearance of your shortcuts. Learning how to modify shortcut icons is a great first step if you’ve ever wanted to make your desktop or taskbar more personalised.

Questions and Answers

How do I customize my home screen?

Follow these methods to customise your Android home screen: Press and hold an empty home screen slot. This opens home screen settings. Tap “Wallpapers” to change your home screen backdrop.

Can you remove shortcut icon from desktop?

To delete desktop shortcuts, right-click and select “Delete” or “Move to Trash.” Use the keyboard Delete key or drag shortcuts to the trash. The app or folder associated to a desktop shortcut won’t be deleted.

Are desktop icons just shortcuts?

Some icons are computer programme shortcuts. A bottom-left arrow is typical of shortcut icons. Click the icon and drag it to the Recycle Bin to remove a desktop shortcut. This merely eliminates the shortcut, not the programme It points to.

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