How To Complete Tale Of Rowland Oakes Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Complete Tale Of Rowland Oakes Quest in Hogwarts Legacy


How To Complete Tale Of Rowland Oakes Quest in Hogwarts Legacy: There are a large number of side quests to complete in addition to the main story missions in Hogwarts Legacy, including the Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes map quest. Players who want to witness and experience everything that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer will be playing for a considerable amount of time. Hogwarts Legacy is packed with a large number of classmates who can be met and assisted.

While some of your classmates are a little bit larger than others and become companions with their own storylines for you to follow, others are only there to provide you with quests, but they make the wizarding world feel even more complete. A few of the side quests that you come across are straightforward fetch quests that require you to explore the incredibly intricate Hogwarts Castle. Other side quests may send you out into the world, where you will discover new areas and engage in combat with a large number of adversaries.

The story of Rowland Oakes begins with a classmate asking you to check on their father. However, the story quickly spirals out of control and puts you in a situation where you have to deal with a large number of goblins and even a troll when it is over. After you have progressed to a certain point in the narrative of the role-playing game, you will be able to know how To Complete Tale Of Rowland Oakes Quest in Hogwarts Legacy, which is a lengthy one that consists of multiple stages.

Where To Find The Tale Of Rowland Oake

After you have finished the main quest for The Helm of Urtkot, you will be able to access A Tale of Rowland Oakes. To locate this quest, you will need to go to the Transfiguration Courtyard located in The Astronomy Wing and have a conversation with Adelaide Oakes.

How To Complete Tale Of Rowland Oakes Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

  1. Finish the main quest “The Helm of Urtkot” to start the side quest “The Tale of Rowland Oakes.”
  2. Talk to Adelaide Oakes by going to the Transfiguration Courtyard in the Astronomy Wing.
  3. Use the Broom in Hogwarts Legacy or Floo Flame to teleport to Jackdaw’s Tomb and fight the Goblins there to clear out the enemy camp at Rowland Oakes’s campsite.
  4. Find clues at the campsite with the Revelio spell.
  5. Find the trade location where Adelaide’s uncle is being held by following the landmarks on Rowland Oakes’s Map. This will help you solve the map puzzle.
  6. Find Rowland Oakes’s Wand and get rid of all the enemies in the Korrow Ruins.
  7. Give Rowland Oakes the wand back to get him out of jail.
  8. Along with 180 XP, you’ll get a Handcrafted Necklace when you finish the quest.

Understanding the Significance of Completing the Quest

  1. Progression: Quests are what make the story go and help players move forward in it. Often, each quest you complete opens up new areas, characters, spells, and ways to play.
  2. Character Development: Quests give you chances to grow and develop as a person. By completing quests, players can improve their magical skills, get experience points (XP), and get new skills and items.
  3. Adventure: Quests push players to discover the huge and complicated world of Hogwarts and the areas around it. While on a quest, players can find out about hidden things, solve puzzles, and talk to different characters and creatures.
  4. Rewards: When players finish quests, they often get useful things like potions, spells, artifacts, and gear. For players, these rewards can help them get past problems, make the game more fun, and move forward in it.
  5. Storyline: Hogwarts Legacy’s quests add to the action game’s overall storyline and let players get lost in the Wizarding World’s rich history. By completing quests, players figure out mysteries, fight enemies, and change how their magical journey ends.

Benefits of Completing the Quest

Benefit Description
XP Rewards Completing quests in Hogwarts Legacy rewards players with experience points (XP).
Skill Progress Quests often involve tasks that contribute to the progression of various skills and abilities.
Loot Quests may offer valuable items, equipment, or resources as rewards for completion.
Story Progress Quests usually advance the game’s main storyline or unlock new side stories and content.
Reputation Successful quest completion can improve the player’s reputation and standing within the game world.
Unlockables Some quests unlock new areas, characters, spells, or gameplay mechanics upon completion.
Achievements Completing certain quests may grant achievements or trophies, providing a sense of accomplishment.


As you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, you will learn how to complete a number of Side Quests that are quite lengthy. One example of this is the Tale of Rowland Oakes. Rowland Oakes, a relative of Adelaide Oakes, has vanished after getting himself mixed up with the wrong Goblins.

This quest will take you on a search for Rowland Oakes, who has vanished. In order to locate him, you will need to locate a map that shows the location of his trade. As you progress through the game, you will cross paths with a large number of vicious goblins and travel quite a distance. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started right away!

Questions and Answers

How do you open the door in Rowland Oakes?

After completing the task in that room, proceed to the next room by taking a right turn and following the path down. Taking this path will bring you to Rowlands’ door, but in order to speak with him, you will have to engage in combat with another group of goblins. Following that, Rowland will inform you that in order to open his door, he requires his wand.

Should you turn Sebastian in?

If you were to turn him in, you would be missing out on a compelling narrative because the character in Hogwarts Legacy has an interesting story path that revolves around his family and his past. The decision to turn Sebastian in will prevent you from accessing additional content that could potentially lengthen the amount of time you spend in the Wizarding World’s shadowy side.

What is the Slytherin side quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

The students of Slytherin begin their quest after engaging in a bit of a treasure hunt in search of notes that were left by Scrope, the house elf who holds the position of headmaster. At some point, Scrope himself makes an appearance and offers an explanation, stating that he requires a ring to be retrieved from Appolonia Black’s hideout.

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