How to Fix ‘VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch’ issue

How to Fix ‘VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch’ issue


How to Fix ‘VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch’ issue: It’s normal to have trouble starting up your VMWare Horizon Client. This issue can be annoying, especially if you need virtual computers for functions at work or at home. Still, don’t worry. There are a few things you can try to fix it and use your virtual desktop normally again. ‘VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch’ is a problem that you will learn how to fix in this help. There are easy checks and more complex ones in this list.

We will show you how to fix problems with your VMWare Horizon Client, no matter how much experience you have as an IT worker or just a regular user. You might want to start by checking simple things like your internet link and the system needs. If everything looks good there, you could restart your computer or put the client software back on it.

If those steps don’t work, you can try more advanced choices, such as checking for updates or getting help from technical support. By doing these things, you should be able how to Fix ‘VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch’ issue and use your VMWare Horizon Client again without any issues.

What is ‘VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch’ issue

Users have trouble starting the VMWare Horizon Client software, which leads to the problem of the VMWare Horizon Client not opening. This can show up as the app not starting at all, crashing as soon as it’s started, or giving error messages that make it impossible to run correctly. If this happens, it could be because of a conflict with other software, damaged files during installation, not enough system resources, or settings that are not set up properly.

Usually, to fix this problem, you need to try a number of different troubleshooting steps, such as making sure the system meets the software’s requirements, reinstalling the software from scratch, making sure the drivers are up to date, or getting help through VMWare support forums or technical support services. Users can usually fix the problem and get the VMWare Horizon Client to work as it should by following these steps.

Causes for ‘VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch’ issue

  1. Outdated Client: If you use an old version of the VMware Horizon Client, it might not work properly with the operating system or the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment.
  2. Broken software: If the Horizon Client software files are broken or missing, the client might not be able to start up correctly.
  3. System Compatibility: What kind of operating system or architecture (32-bit vs. 64-bit) does the app not work with?
  4. Resource Limits: If you don’t have enough RAM, CPU, or disc room, the Horizon Client might not be able to start up properly.
  5. Authentication Issues: If the passwords or settings for authentication are wrong, the Horizon Client might not be able to authenticate with the server.
  6. Registry or Configuration Errors: Errors in the Windows registry or in the settings for the Horizon Client can make it fail to start.

How to Fix ‘VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch’ issue

Check your Internet Connection

  1. Ensure Internet link is stable for VMWare Horizon Client.
  2. VMWare Horizon Client requires robust connection for VDI server.
  3. Test Internet connection for free to gauge strength.
  4. Improve Internet by resetting router.
  5. Unplug router, wait a minute, replug, and restart router.

Restart Remote Desktop

  1. Restart your VDI even if your Internet link is fine.
  2. If the VDI didn’t start right, restarting it should fix it.
  3. To restart the desktop, all you have to do is click on the three vertical dots next to the remote computer that you want to connect to.
  4. Then try to connect to the desktop again after a few minutes.
  5. The hope is that it will work great.

Disable H.264 decoding AND HEVC

  1. Start up Horizon Client.
  2. Click on the cog to access its Settings.
  3. Navigate to VMWare Blast.
  4. Turn off the switches for Allow H.264 Decoding and Allow HEVC Decoding.

Reset the Remote Desktop and Published Application

  1. Virtual desktop won’t open if changes made to VDI aren’t working or conflict with system.
  2. Restart VDI if issues persist. Private data remains unless saved.
  3. Restart VDI by right-clicking on virtual desktop and selecting “Reset Desktop.”
  4. Resetting published apps closes open ones, causing unsaved data loss.
  5. In VMWare Horizon Client’s Settings, go to Applications > Reset to perform reset.

Repair Horizon Client

  1. Horizon Client has a bad reputation.
  2. VMWare has made it possible to fix it.
  3. Fix it by right-clicking on the Horizon Client launcher and choosing Repair, or use Command Prompt’s elevated mode to run the next command.
    • VMware-Horizon-Client-y.y.y–abcd.exe.
  4. Note: y.y.y is the version number and abcd is the build number.

Reinstall Horizon Client

  1. Last, remove VMWare Horizon Client if nothing else works.
  2. Get the most up-to-date version of Horizon Client from official website.
  3. Reinstall Horizon Client.


As a conclusion, the “VMWare Horizon Client won’t launch” issue can be fixed by following a step-by-step troubleshooting plan. Start by making sure that your computer meets all the requirements and that the Horizon Client is set up properly. Next, see if there are any other program on your computer that might be interfering with the Horizon Client. Any problems with compatibility can be fixed by keeping your tools, software, and the Horizon Client itself up to date.

For those who are still having trouble, you could try changing the client’s settings or installing it from scratch. Additionally, getting help from VMWare’s support tools or community forums can also lead to helpful solutions and tips. If the Horizon Client won’t start, carefully follow these steps to fix the issue and have a better virtual desktop experience.

Question and Answer

Is there a way to reinstall VMware Horizon Client to potentially fix the issue?

If you can’t get VMware Horizon Client to start, try installing it again. First, get rid of the app on your PC. Then, get the most recent version from VMware’s website and install it again by following their steps.

What should I do if none of the troubleshooting steps resolve the issue?

Call VMware help if you’ve tried everything and the VMware Horizon Client still won’t start. How your computer is set up, what problem messages you see, and what you’ve tried to fix it.

Can conflicts with antivirus software prevent VMware Horizon Client from launching?

Antivirus program can sometimes make VMware Horizon Client not work right. Turn off your security software for a short time and then open the client again. If it works, make sure that your security settings don’t block VMware Horizon Client.

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