How to get all Flabebe colors in Pokemon Go

How to get all Flabebe colors in Pokemon Go


Do you know how to get all Flabebe colors in Pokemon Go? You’ve started a colourful Pokémon Go journey to capture the charming Flabébé in all its colours. As a Pokémon trainer, I know the appeal of collecting these beautiful creatures. Each Flabébé colour gives a new challenge and a delicious reward, making the chase more exciting.

Pokemon GO gamers love catching rare monsters, and now they can receive coloured Flower Flabebes. Players can now meet many new and region-exclusive creatures during the Harvest Festival. The event features Red, Yellow, and Blue Flower Flabebe wild spawns. Pokemon GO Harvest Festival runs from 10 AM to 8 PM Local Time on October 12-17. Collection Challenges and Field Research quests are available in the event.

We’ll explore how to get all Flabebe colors in Pokemon Go in this essay. From the peaceful White Flabébé to the grandiose Orange Flabébé, each variety has its own personality in Pokémon. You’ll find uncommon Pokémon and the excitement of exploration and discovery that distinguishes Pokémon Go as you pursue this adventure. Join me as we discover Flabébé’s colours and begin on an adventure full of excitement, strategy, and Pokémon trainer dreams. Let’s explore Flabébé’s beauty together!

How to get all Flabebe colors in Pokemon Go

To get all Flabébé colors in Pokémon Go, you need to consider the regional exclusivity of each color variant. Here are the steps to acquire all Flabébé colors:

  1. White Flabébé: This color variant spawns everywhere, making it relatively easier to find.
  2. Orange Flabébé: Also spawns everywhere but is a rare spawn, so keep an eye out for it.
  3. Yellow Flabébé: Exclusive to the Americas, so you’ll need to be in this region or trade with someone who caught it there.
  4. Red Flabébé: Found in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, making it region-specific.
  5. Blue Flabébé: Exclusive to the Asia-Pacific region, requiring you to be there or trade with someone who caught it in that region.

Importance of Collecting All Flabebe Colors

  1. Completionist Achievement: Many players strive to finish their Pokédex. Each Flabebe colour (Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and White) has its own Pokédex entry. Getting all colours brings you closer to this goal.
  2. Battle Diversity: In Pokémon Go, a diverse team with different types and moves can help. Flabebe and its offspring, Floette and Florges, are red for Fire, yellow for Electric, orange for Psychic, blue for Water, and white for Fairy. This gives you a diverse team with strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Event Rewards: Pokémon Go creator Niantic often hosts Pokémon-themed events and challenges. With all Flabebe colours, you may participate better in these activities and receive specific awards or bonuses.
  4. Trading and Community Interaction: Pokémon Go encourages trading, and rare or unusual Pokémon like all Flabebe colours can make exchanges more appealing. Working with others to finish your collection or help them start theirs promotes community.
  5. Personal Satisfaction: Collecting all Flabebe colours can bring satisfaction and accomplishment beyond practical benefits. It shows your passion for the game and your desire to catch all Pokémon.

Tips for Efficiently Catching Flabébé in Pokémon Go

  1. Knowing Flabébé’s Habitat: Flabébé frequents parks, gardens, and floral decorations. Seek Flabébé in these areas to boost your chances.
  2. To attract more Pokémon: including Flabébé, use Lure Modules at PokéStops. This boosts Pokémon spawning around that PokéStop, increasing your chances of seeing Flabébé.
  3. Hunt at specified times or weather conditions: Flabébé may spawn more often. For best Flabébé hunting, check the in action game weather and time of day.
  4. Walk with incense to attract: Pokémon, especially Flabébé. This helps when travelling and exploring.
  5. Target Nests: Flabébé can occasionally be found in nests, where particular Pokémon spawn. Find local Flabébé nests for focused hunting using online tools or community forums.
  6. Practice curveballs and use berries to improve catch rates: Flabébé, especially high-level or hard-to-catch ones, benefit from this.
  7. Pokémon Go Events: Look for Community Days and special events that enhance Flabébé spawning. These occurrences greatly increase your chances of catching Flabébé.


If you play Pokémon Go, you may have seen Flabebe, a colourful Fairy-type Pokémon with a friendly personality. Adding variety and excitement to your Pokémon collection is fun by collecting all Flabebe colours. Each Flabebe colour indicates a new encounter and a chance to explore the multiplayer game. Gathering all Flabebe colours in Pokémon Go is about the experience, adventure, and discovery, not just a task. Each colour indicates a trip, and each interaction deepens Pokémon Go. Explore different environments and enjoy capturing Flabebe’s brilliant colours!

Questions and Answers

Should I evolve Flabebe?

Flabébé must evolve before gaining hearts. One was my friend and won my heart throughout the weekend. Today I evolved it to Floette to become Florges, but it reset my heart count. Flabébé was my friend when I evolved, and it was on screen.

Can Cutiefly be shiny in Pokémon GO?

Fairy-type Pokémon will come more commonly in the wild, and Shiny Cutiefly may make its Pokémon GO debut! Trainers who catch and hatch Pokémon from Eggs during this shining period get double Stardust.

Is orange Florges rare?

Rarer than the other colours, but not too unusual. I caught an orange and white one in 10–15 minutes. Not seen a blue or white one yet, only an orange one I captured. Flabebe seem to depend on flowers.

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