How to get Falinks in Pokemon Go: Easy guide

How to get Falinks in Pokemon Go: Easy guide


This article will show you how to get Falinks in Pokemon Go. Galar newcomer Falinks joins Pokémon GO. Galar will debut in Pokémon GO before Alola, surprising most Pokémon fans. Later this month, 5-star raid battles will feature legendary Pokémon like Zacian and Zamazenta. The Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield event will also feature normal Galar Pokémon like Wooloo and Skwovet.

The first Galar Pokémon will include Falinks, a fan favourite from Pokémon Sword and Shield. The fighting-type Pokemon still appears in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and offers some utility to players. Falinks is considered a Galarian Exeggcute canonically. Six Pokemon work together and share a Poke Ball. Longtime Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players should embrace this despite its incoherence.

Pokémon fans may want to add Falinks to their squad and use its unique powers in combat. Our essay will explore Falinks’ appeal, strategic significance in gameplay, and what you may expect when you add this intriguing Pokémon to your lineup. Let’s explore Pokémon Go’s Falinks world together. Here are the steps how to get Falinks in Pokemon Go.

Falinks is a Fighting-type Pokémon with unique stats and moves in Pokémon GO. The 2,665 Max CP makes it weak to Flying, Psychic, and Fairy techniques. Counter and Superpower perform best for Falinks attacking Pokémon in Gyms, providing the most DPS.

This moveset is also recommended for PvP. Falinks has no Pokémon GO evolutions. Falinks can be found in nature, collected through field study, or earned during in-game events like Ultra Unlock 2021: Sword and Shield. Due to a bug, Falinks won’t appear in three-star raids during certain events.

  1. Pokémon Go, capturing Falinks can only be done in two methods.
  2. One way is to just go out and see what you can find.
  3. Get a feel for the neighborhood’s industrial vibe.
  4. Go for a stroll beyond the gates of any local industrial development.
  5. You can find out what spawns along a long stretch of road if there is a lot of space between you and the next town.
  6. When you use an incense, you raise your odds of encountering Falinks.
  7. Placing a Lure at a PokéStop in an appropriate area will further enhance your chances of catching a Falinks.
  8. Their usual turf is helpful, but they can spawn elsewhere.
  9. Raids can be a place to meet Falinks.
  10. You can only locate them in three-star raids, and the odds of finding one change every week.
  11. You never know when you could stumble onto one if you keep looking.
  12. You can be sure that an egg is not going to provide you with a Falinks.
  13. Concentrate on raiding and exploring because there is no way for an egg to hatch and expose a Falinks.
  14. From August 20th to the 31st, you can catch Falinks in Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield.
  15. For the time being, the best bet is to keep looking for it in raids.
  16. When that, Falinks will be extremely rare and difficult to get when the event ends.
  1. High CP Potential: Falinks’ base CP can be built up and evolved. It’s capable of competing in gyms and raids with high-CP Pokémon.
  2. A Fighting-type: Pokémon with a Bug secondary typing, Falinks is unique. It can handle a variety of Pokémon thanks to its combo.
  3. Fighting or Bug-type: Counter, Close Combat, and Megahorn are powerful Falink techniques. It’s a powerful opponent against Fighting or Bug-type Pokémon with these attacks.
  4. Synergy: Falinks’ No Retreat ability improves its Attack, Defence, and Speed stats in battle. The Pokémon may lead the charge and support other Pokémon by setting the stage for a powerful offensive presence, making it a good team candidate.
  5. Due to its huge CP potential: strong moveset, and type advantages, Falinks excels in raid encounters. It can devastate Fighting and Bug-weak raid bosses, helping the raid finish.
  6. In PvP encounters: Falinks can be useful. Unique typing, powerful moves, and stat-boosting ability can surprise opponents and win PvP leagues.
  1. Falinks is a Fighting-type Pokémon: hence it appears more often in Fighting-type-heavy locations. To find Falinks, visit parks, gyms, and battlegrounds.
  2. Falinks spawns more often: in the morning and late afternoon, according to certain gamers. Check your local spawn patterns to see when Falinks emerge most regularly.
  3. Locations: Some Pokémon nests are where Falinks spawn most often. Search online or ask other gamers in your community about Falinks nests.
  4. Event Participation: Falinks may spawn more during special events or Pokémon spotlight hours. To find Falinks, watch event announcements and participate.
  5. Incense and Lures: Incense and Lure Modules attract Pokémon, especially Falinks. Try these products to boost your Falink encounter rate when hunting.
  6. Social media: Discord, and local Pokémon Go communities let you meet local gamers. They can report Falinks sightings, nest locations, and event spawns live.
  7. Use Silph Road’s Nest Atlas: This community-driven service lets players report and track Pokémon nests worldwide. Check the Nest Atlas often for Falinks nests near you.
  8. Patience and Persistence: Hunting uncommon Pokémon like Falinks takes patience and persistence. Explore, attend events, and stay engaged to increase your chances of seeing Falinks.


This fascinating Pokémon Go adventure to earn Falinks may excite you. My reasons for seeking Falinks, a unique Pokémon that adds complexity and strategy to your collection, are below. In Pokémon Go, pursuing Falinks means more than just collecting new Pokémon. The key is teamwork, fun, strategic gameplay, and connecting with the active Pokémon Go community. Remember to enjoy the route, learn from the trials, and appreciate the successes, since the journey is as important as the destination.

Questions and Answers

Is Falinks rare in Pokemon GO?

Compared to other Pokemon, they spawn less often. They’re not everywhere. Falinks are treasured by trainers because special events or conditions boost your chances of seeing one.

Is Falinks still in Pokemon GO?

Falinks is a rare, low-spawning Pokemon. Even incenses and lure modules may not attract it. This Pokemon may only be caught between Lunar New Year 2024 until February 11, 2024.

What is the rarest Pokemon GO?

Volcarona, Unown, and Sinnoh’s Lake Guardians are rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO. They can be found in the wild, hatched from eggs, or obtained in special raid events.

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