How to get free Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

How to get free Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go fans looking to maximise raiding without breaking the bank? If so, lucky you! I’ll explain How to get free Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go in this article. Pokémon fans and smartphone gamers will enjoy Pokémon GO. People like the game because it encourages them to walk outside and enjoy the fresh air. Not everyone has that privilege, thus Remote Raid Passes help. Niantic’s April Remote Raid Pass updates angered people.

If you’re behind, read about Pokémon GO Remote Raid Pass updates and how to receive a free one. Raiding is essential to the action game, allowing players to catch rare and powerful Pokemon, work with other trainers, and gain rewards. Remote Raid Passes can be expensive, especially for regular raiders. Obtaining free passes can improve your Pokemon Go experience and make raiding easier and more fun. Let’s look at different ways how to get free Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go.

What are Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Remote Raid Passes let players join Nearby or Map view Raids without visiting the place. These Passes let players join global Raid Battles if another player invites them. They can be utilised to enter global Raid Battles when invited by another Trainer.

You must befriend a Trainer to join their Raids. With these Remote Raid Passes, you can join Raids anywhere and possibly encounter a Legendary Pokemon. Players can only participate in five Remote Raids each day with three Remote Raid Passes in their inventory.

How to get free Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

Quickest way to earn Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go:

  1. Use the in-game store.
  2. Purchase single Remote Raid Pass for 195 PokeCoins.
  3. Option to buy a bundle of three for 525 PokeCoins.
  4. After purchasing the bundle, each Remote Raid Pass costs 175 PokeCoins.
  5. Remote Raid Box: Found by players, includes three Premium Raid passes and two Remote Raid passes for 425 PokeCoins.
  6. Remote Raid Passes effectively cost less than 100 PokeCoins each with the box.
  7. Limited offer: Most players can no longer access it.
  8. Earning PokeCoins without spending: Leave Pokemon at Gyms.
  9. Maximum daily gain: 50 PokeCoins from Gyms, requiring 8.5 hours of defense.

Understanding the Importance of Remote Raid Passes

  1. Accessibility: Remote Raid Passes ease raiding for players that live far from raid venues or have trouble getting there. Inclusivity allows more players to join raid battles and catch rare Pokémon.
  2. Player convenience: Remote Raid Passes allow gamers to join raids from home or any internet-connected location. This convenience is especially useful in bad weather, hectic schedules, or remote regions where raiding in person isn’t possible.
  3. Socialisation: Remote Raid Passes let gamers raid with friends and trainers remotely. This encourages Pokémon Go users to collaborate, coordinate raids, share strategies, and enjoy the multiplayer game from afar.
  4. Remote Raid Passes: allow users to actively participate in raids and receive event-exclusive Pokémon and rewards during special events or raid rotations. This allows all players, regardless of location or mobility, to enjoy Pokémon Go events.
  5. Flexibility: Remote Raid Passes let players pick when and where to raid. This allows players to raid at their own speed and suit their playstyles.

Tips for Engaging with Pokémon Go Communities for Remote Raid Pass Opportunities

Tip Description
Join Discord or Facebook Groups Joining dedicated Pokémon Go Discord servers or Facebook groups can help you connect with a large community of players sharing raid invites.
Be Active and Participate Actively participate in discussions, share your raid invites, and respond promptly to raid invitations to build a reliable network.
Communicate Clearly and Respectfully Clearly communicate your availability for raids and respect other players’ schedules and preferences when organizing raid groups.
Coordinate Time Zones Coordinate with players from different time zones to ensure smooth raid coordination and accommodate players from various regions.
Offer to Host Raids Hosting raids and inviting others can help you earn goodwill within the community and increase your chances of receiving raid invites.
Utilize Raid Coordination Tools Use raid coordination tools like PokéNav or The Silph Road’s Raid Beacon to find and join raid groups quickly and efficiently.
Participate in Remote Raiding Events Participate in remote raiding events organized by communities or local groups to access a wider pool of raid opportunities.
Be Prepared for Raids Have your raid pass ready, ensure your Pokémon lineup is strong for the raid, and communicate any specific requirements to the group.
Show Appreciation and Gratitude Express gratitude to hosts and fellow players for inviting you to raids, and reciprocate by inviting them to raids when possible.


Raids and fighting tough Pokémon with other trainers are fun in Pokémon Go. Remote Raid Passes let you join raids from anywhere. This convenience enhances gameplay and builds trainer community. Finding free Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon Go is an adventure that brings trainers together and enhances gameplay. Engage with the Pokémon Go community, get informed about in adventure game events, and explore gaming features to improve your trainer journey and enjoy raiding with other trainers worldwide.

Questions and Answers

Can you get a remote raid pass for free?

Complete 7 days of Field Research activities in Pokemon Go’s bottom right corner to earn a Research Breakthrough. Only possible rewards, Remote Raid Passes aren’t guaranteed.

Do daily free Raid Passes stack?

A free Raid Pass lets players fight in Raid Battles once a day. The pass is used up in raid battles and can be redeemed by spinning a gym the next day. These objects don’t stack, therefore only one can be held.

Can Mega Rayquaza beat arceus?

Rayquaza is the Ozone layer person and Arceus is Pokemon’s god. Arceus has 720 base stats, Rayquaza 680. Rayquaza is powerful, but he cannot defeat the Pokemon world creator. Mega rayquaza is uneven, whereas Arceus is even.

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