How to get parrot on and off of your shoulder in Minecraft

How to get parrot on and off of your shoulder in Minecraft


Do you know how to get parrot on and off of your shoulder in Minecraft? Those of you who play Minecraft like me have definitely seen parrots. While riding on your shoulder amid forests, deserts, and more, these colourful feathery buddies can be fun. Players sometimes have trouble carrying or removing parrots.

Parrot companionship can enhance your Minecraft experience, whether you’re a veteran or a beginner. Being with a parrot while playing Minecraft is fun. Parrots are one of many tamable Minecraft mobs. They come in many colours and are terrific friends when playing alone, but they may be unpleasant because they follow you and sit on your shoulder without asking.

The game doesn’t specify how to convince the parrot to leave, but don’t worry. Colourful and attractive birds can sit on your shoulder, brightening your trips. This post will help you get a parrot to sit on your shoulder or fly off. Whether you’re exploring new biomes, doing exciting missions, or just relaxing, a parrot may make your Minecraft experience better. So, let’s explore Minecraft’s parrots and learn how to get parrot on and off of your shoulder in Minecraft.

How to get parrot on and off of your shoulder in Minecraft

Get a parrot on your shoulder in Minecraft

  1. When you approach a tamed parrot, it will naturally land on your shoulder.
  2. This can be done endlessly.
  3. Just walk into it again if you happen to knock the parrot off by accident.
  4. The maximum number of parrots a player can wear on their shoulders is two.
  5. Having the first parrot perched on your shoulder will allow you to easily go into the second one.
  6. when seen from a third-person perspective, the parrot on your shoulder always faces the same direction as the player.
  7. You can also see it on your inventory screen.

Get a parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft

  1. Dozing off on a bed Settle down on any available bed. At this point, the bird should take flight.
  2. To do it quickly, you should jump. But you need hop from one brick to another, one level down. A parrot will not be frightened away by a regular jump.
  3. Depart for the ocean The parrot will flee if you take it swimming. Drowning is also an effective method.
  4. Suffering harm When we say “damage,” we mean damage from anything other than falling, such as monsters, fire, or anything else.
  5. Toppling over The technique works with any steep decline. It will be dislodged if it falls steeply, flies downward with its wings spread, or experiences any kind of heavy fall. Firework rockets, too, go off.
  6. Lost in a sea of molten rock This will not only scare the parrot away from you, but it will also set it on fire. Clearly, this is not the approach we endorse.
  7. Dying in-multiplayer game The bird will always take flight when it is about to die.

Benefits of Having a Parrot Companion

  1. Alert System: Minecraft parrots are natural alarms. They mimic adjacent hostile monsters’ sounds to warn you of zombies, skeletons, and creepers. This can keep you alert and prevent attacks.
  2. Decoration: Parrots enhance your environment. Their bright plumage and funny motions make your Minecraft environment more vivid and inviting, improving your constructions’ atmosphere.
  3. Shoulder Companion: Parrots on shoulders are cute and functional. A Parrot Companion on your shoulder mimics your head movement and leaping, making action games more exciting.
  4. Distract hostile mobs with parrots: This is important when exploring risky places or fighting, as monsters may target the Parrot instead of you.
  5. Breeding and Taming: Parrots can be bred and tamed to be faithful pets. Teaching tamed parrots tricks and commands makes them more interactive and receptive.
  6. Parrots look wonderful in Minecraft: beyond their practical uses. Parrots provide nature and beauty to your games, whether you’re developing a jungle home or just want a joyful friend.

Advanced Tips for Handling Parrots in Minecraft

  1. Food and Taming: Melon, pumpkin, beetroot, and ordinary seeds can tame parrots. Trained, they will follow and sit on your shoulder.
  2. Risk Avoidance: Parrots are frail and can perish from falls or attacks. Safeguard them from aggressive mobs and harmful situations.
  3. Shoulder Behaviour: A parrot on your shoulder will imitate mob and threatening creature sounds. This is funny and warns of nearby dangers.
  4. When you leap on your shoulder: parrots may fly short distances. They may suffer fall damage if you don’t land securely.
  5. Parrot breeding and colours: Parrots can be reproduced from seeds, and the offspring may inherit their parents’ colours. For colourful parrots, try varied seed mixes.
  6. Parrots naturally: perch on nearby fences and blocks. This behaviour lets you make Minecraft perches for them.


Your Minecraft travels are more enjoyable with a parrot on your shoulder. It’s about camaraderie and the delight of having a feathered friend on your trips, not merely gaming mechanics. When exploring new places, mining for materials, or fighting powerful enemies, a parrot can make the experience more vivid.

You and your parrot share a special friendship as you explore Minecraft. These unforgettable interactions enhance your games, from copying sounds to perching on your shoulder with trust and companionship. Hopping on and off your shoulder adds realism and engagement to the game, letting you connect with your parrot in numerous ways.

Questions and Answers

Will parrots teleport to you?

A tamed parrot will stay on your shoulder or teleport to you while on land. If you swim or use a boat, the parrot swims where you did and stays there.

What color parrots are in Minecraft?

There are five parrot colours: red, green, blue, grey, and cyan. Parrots usually flap around their spawning grounds. Inquisitive, they like to gather around other mobs, players or not, and replicate adjacent creature sounds.

Is A Rainbow Parrot rare?

Rainbow lorikeets are common and ubiquitous. The yearly Birdlife Australia survey lists it as Australia’s most common bird. BirdLife International considers it unimportant.

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