How To Get Penetration Kills In Modern Warfare 3

How To Get Penetration Kills In Modern Warfare 3


This article will show you how To Get Penetration Kills In Modern Warfare 3. To become good at getting through enemy defenses and killing people in Modern Warfare 3, you need to be exact, strategic, and know your surroundings well. In fight, you need to be quick and smart. A lot of experienced players value being able to get through defenses and win. The number of kills you get shows not only how good you are at fighting, but also how smart you are.

No matter how close you are to your enemy or how far away you are, learning how to get past their defenses can change the course of a battle. This guide will go over the most important tips and tricks you need to get penetration kills in Modern Warfare 3. Its goal is to help you use skill and finesse to take over the fight. Prepare your tools and get ready to improve your skills as we explore the exciting world of war together. Here are the simple steps how To Get Penetration Kills In Modern Warfare 3.

What are penetration kills in Modern Warfare 3

“Penetration kills” in Modern Warfare 3 mean killing enemies by shooting through things. It adds more depth to the game and makes you think about how to play intelligently. You need to know where your enemies are hidden and what your bullets can go through. If you want to do well with entry kills, you need to know how the map is laid out and where the bad guys are. To make sure you hit your goal, you also need to aim well.

Because you can kill enemies who are hidden behind walls or doors, getting good at penetration kills can give you an edge. This skill can really help you do better in the video game, especially in game types where you need to know the map and where your enemies are to win. So, if you want to be really good at Modern Warfare 3, you should work on getting good at entry kills.

How To Get Penetration Kills In Modern Warfare 3

How To Get Penetration Kills In Modern Warfare 3

  1. Use guns with Armor Piercing Rounds or similar ammo for penetrating armor.
  2. Identify weak cover such as fences, wooden buildings, or thin metal surfaces on the map.
  3. Choose maps with strategic weak cover spots like Skid Row’s corridors.
  4. Alternatively, focus on spots like Terminal’s second-floor bar area for shooting through walls.
  5. Crouch before firing for better accuracy when shooting at targets behind weak cover.
  6. Utilize Snapshot Grenades to reveal enemies behind walls.
  7. Be patient and persistent in seeking Penetration Kills opportunities.

Benefits of getting Penetration Kills In Modern Warfare 3

  1. More damage can be done: With penetration kills, players can kill enemies through walls, hurdles, and other cover. This gives you an edge because it lets you get around normal defenses and catch your opponents off guard, which could lead to faster kills.
  2. Tactical Advantage: Penetration kills can mess up enemy positions and force them to move or look for other cover. By breaking through walls or other obstacles, players can help their team move forward, attack from the side, or better secure goals.
  3. Efficient Use of ammo: Players can save ammo by killing enemies with penetration kills, which require fewer shots. Players can get the most out of their weapons and make their shots count by using the surroundings to their advantage.
  4. Effects on the Mind: Penetration kills can harm the minds of opponents by making them afraid, unsure, and doubtful. Knowing that enemies can be killed from cover may make opponents pause or play more defensively, which gives aggressive players chances to take advantage of.
  5. Scoring: In action game types that allow scorestreaks, penetration kills help players get rewards like UAVs, airstrikes, or attack helicopters by adding to their scores. This makes players more likely to focus on penetration kills as part of their general plan to win.
  6. Spectator Entertainment: Spectators can enjoy penetration kills because they are visually amazing and fun to watch, whether they are watching a live match or a recorded gameplay clip. Shooting enemies through walls and killing them with bullets adds excitement and drama to the watching experience.

How to purchase Modern Warfare 3 video game?

The first-person shooter video game “Modern Warfare 3” was made by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games and is distributed by Activision. When it came out in 2011, it continued the exciting story of the “Call of Duty” series by picking up where “Modern Warfare 2” left off.

The story takes place in the near future, and players are in fierce battle against a Russian ultra nationalist terrorist group in many places around the world. People all over the world fell in love with “Modern Warfare 3” because it had an exciting multiplayer mode with lots of maps, weapons, and game types. You can Check Price of this game on Amazon.


To sum up, getting good at making penetration kills in Modern Warfare 3 requires a mix of careful planning, accurate shooting, and understanding how the game works. You can have a lot more fun with the game and be ahead of the other players if you have this skill. The chances of completing penetration kills are much higher if you know the maps well, know the strengths and weaknesses of your guns, and know how your opponents usually act.

You should be flexible and keep trying new things as you face new problems. You will quickly become very good at getting penetration kills if you work hard and practice often. This will greatly help your team’s general success in battle. Keep your mind on the task at hand and keep learning from your mistakes. Eventually, you’ll be able to regularly help your team progress on the virtual battlefield.

Question and Answer

How can I practice and improve my penetration kill skills?

Experience the thrill of playing custom games or private battles, where you can test out a variety of terrain and weapons, as well as attachments. In order to increase your penetration kill skills, you need practice aiming through surfaces and predicting the motions of different enemies.

Are there any multiplayer modes that are particularly conducive to penetration kills?

Dominance and Search and Destroy are two examples of game modes in which players protect locations and frequently conceal in predictable ways. Due to the fact that attackers are typically located in particular regions, this makes it simpler to take down foes through penetration.

Can I use kill streak rewards to assist in getting penetration kills?

There are certain rewards in games, such as the Recon Drone or the UAV, that can reveal the whereabouts of foes hiding. Despite the fact that they are hiding behind cover, this makes it much easier to aim and shot them.

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