How to get Seaf Artillery in Helldivers 2: Easy guide

How to get Seaf Artillery in Helldivers 2: Easy guide


learn how to get Seaf Artillery in Helldivers 2 in this guide. In Helldivers 2, the Seaf Artillery is essential for battlefield strategic superiority. As an avid player, I understand the excitement and challenge of getting this strong weapon system. How to unlock and add the Seaf Artillery to your arsenal is here. SEAF Artillery is one of Helldivers 2’s strongest Stratagems.

Up to five artillery projectiles bombard a target with fire, electricity, and smoke. A mini-nuke with a huge blast radius like the Hellbomb in Sabotage Supply Bases missions. The good news is that SEAF Artillery is free to unlock. Unfortunately, you must randomly find its artillery site during missions to access it. In Helldivers 2, the SEAF Artillery has no fixed location. You can only hope to find this huge cannon when venturing beyond the major goals.

Russ Boswell updating March 15, 2024: Helldivers 2’s SEAF Artillery allows players a variety of weapons to defend or conquer objectives. Unfortunately, finding the SEAF Artillery is random, and first-time gamers may find the objective to activate it unclear. I’ll lead you through gaining this powerful asset using my own Helldivers 2 battle experience. Prepare to improve your battle skills with the Seaf Artillery! Here are the steps how to get Seaf Artillery in Helldivers 2.

How to get Seaf Artillery in Helldivers 2

  1. Finding this Stratagem on the pitch is a little different from the others.
  2. Helldivers 2 requires a minigame to unlock the Seaf Artillery before it can be summoned.
  3. Only on specific maps can you find it, but it will be of immense assistance.
  4. Locate the Seaf Artillery on the map first.
  5. You can spot it as a big cannon shape on the minimap if you’ve managed to sneak past it.
  6. In any case, be on the lookout for a massive gun aimed straight upwards.
  7. It becomes more noticeable as you approach.
  8. Get close to the Seaf Artillery and seek out the yellow gauge.
  9. Enter the code to activate the yellow console.
  10. In Helldivers 2, you can skip loading the Seaf Artillery with five shells.
  11. You must transport these shells, which can be seen scattered about the cannon. Keep in mind that they will make you move slower and give foes the advantage.
  12. Move the shells over to the cannon’s side and load them inside.
  13. Please return to the console.
  14. Locate a 100% signal on the console by utilising the directional buttons. To adjust the right-hand scale, simply press and hold; to adjust the left-hand scale, use the left and right buttons.
  15. Five Seaf Artillery shells are now at your disposal in Helldivers 2.

Understanding the Importance of Seaf Artillery

  1. Strategic dominate: Players can dominate broad combat areas using sea artillery. Sea artillery may pressure opposing forces and control battle flow by deploying itself strategically.
  2. Players can engage foes from a safe distance with sea artillery: This is excellent against well entrenched enemy locations or big waves of invading troops.
  3. Area Denial: Sea artillery can block enemy access to particular map locations. Players can halt enemy advances and dominate the battlefield with sea artillery barrages on chokepoints.
  4. Objective Defence: Sea artillery protects bases and key sites. It deters enemy attacks with its firepower and range, giving time for reinforcements or evacuation.
  5. Sea artillery: Its is essential for engaging enemy ships and naval units in naval action. Your squad has an advantage since its firepower can sink opposing warships and impede naval operations.
  6. Sea artillery boosts: your team’s strategy in Helldivers 2. Sea artillery may win battles when utilised intelligently and alongside other assets.

Tips and Strategies for Efficiently Obtaining Sea Artillery

  1. Prioritise: Sea Artillery-unlocking objectives. This may contain quests, events, or game requirements.
  2. Effectively communicate and collaborate with your team: Give players jobs depending on their talents and make sure everyone is working towards the same goal.
  3. Research points: currency, and materials should be managed judiciously. Upgrade your skills and equipment to improve mission success.
  4. Mission Selection: Select missions with Sea Artillery-related rewards. Search for missions with large resource yields, interesting events, or aims that match yours.
  5. Strategize upgrade progression throughout the game: Prioritise upgrades that enable Sea Artillery or boost mission completion.
  6. Complete challenges: Look for tasks that earn you resources or advancement points. You can unlock Sea Artillery faster by completing these challenges.
  7. Use Strategy and techniques: Use effective strategies and techniques to overcome problems and finish missions. Use cover, coordinate attacks, and tactically use your weapons and skills.
  8. Stay informed: Follow in video game events, updates, and community strategies. Developer announcements and community forums reveal new game-advancing possibilities, hints, and techniques.


In Helldivers 2, getting the Seaf Artillery is a thrilling challenge that many players look forward to. As I studied the game and tried several techniques, I found that getting this formidable weapon takes patience, determination, and multiplayer game mechanics knowledge.

To access this powerful artillery, you must complete objectives, fight challenging foes, and work together. In the end, Helldivers 2’s Seaf Artillery quest is about the voyage and the experiences garnered. It forces you to adapt, collaborate, and strategize, making every win seem earned. Prepare, rally your troops, and take on this daring expedition to claim the Seaf Artillery!

Questions and Answers

What does Seaf stand for Helldivers?

This contract is between The Helldivers Division of the Super Earth Armed Forces (hereinafter “the Enlister”) and the person who has completed their preliminary Helldiver training as stated in Exhibit A of the Recruitment.

What is Super Earth in Helldivers 2?

Super Earth publicly executes individuals who are more accepting of the Sq’uith (calling aliens “ancient and wise”). Helldivers are sent in to disarm or capture WMDs and other potentially beneficial technologies that exceed Super Earth’s capabilities.

Does Helldivers 2 have lore?

Helldivers 2 players who defend Super Earth from threatening enemies can discover a lot of lore. Super Earth’s Managed Democracy uses computers to control voting, and military duty and weaponry are important.

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