How to obtain Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload

How to obtain Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload


So, you’re diving into Persona 3 Reload and feeling the need for some extra muscle power, huh? Well, let me tell you, How to obtain Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload! Get the Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload to boost your characters’ powers and prepare them for tough battles. Players want this powerful elixir to improve strength and endurance, making it a prized weapon.

The Muscle Drink quest becomes a riveting adventure of strategic planning and resource management as you explore Persona 3 Reload’s large globe. Pursuing the Muscle Drink adds excitement to your gaming, whether you’re a veteran wanting to boost your party’s performance or a newbie eager to learn the game’s secrets. Prepare for an experience where every choice matters and the rewards are fulfilling and empowering. Here I’ll explain the simple steps how to obtain Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload.

What the Muscle Drink Is Used For

The Muscle Drink restores 100 HP, but it has side effects. It can give characters Rage or other status ailments. For early video game combat, 100 HP is a lot, but the side effects aren’t worth it. Instead, heal with magic or other goods. Muscle Drinks can occur in Tartarus chests, so you may have found one before Elizabeth asks. Since this isn’t guaranteed, go to the only location that offers them.

Muscle Drinks cost 1,000 Yen at Paulownia Mall’s Aohige Pharmacy. Of course, this is expensive. During the adventure game, Tartarus makes it easy to make rapid money. Early in the action game, don’t worry about spending too much. When Persona 3 Reload gives you full freedom to explore Iwatodai on 4/21, you can get Muscle Drinks. You can do that to finish a request quickly.

How to obtain Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload

  1. Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload is available at Aohige Pharmacy in Paulownia Mall for 1,000 Yen.
  2. It’s found in the top right of the area within the pharmacy.
  3. Muscle Drinks can also be found in chests in Tartarus.
  4. They restore 150 HP to a party member, with a low chance of causing a negative side effect.
  5. Elizabeth requests a Muscle Drink early in the game, rewarding you with five Soul Drops, which restore 10 SP to a character.
  6. It’s advisable to stock up on Muscle Drinks for healing during battles, especially if your characters lack healing skills.
  7. Selling items at the Police Station or engaging in part-time work can help gather the needed funds to purchase Muscle Drinks.

Understanding the Importance of Muscle Drinks in Persona 3 Reload

  1. Enhanced Strength: Muscle Drinks temporarily boost character strength. Strength boosts physical attack damage, making it simpler to fight strong foes and bosses.
  2. Muscle Drinks also increase your character’s endurance: making them more resistant to enemies. This is useful in protracted encounters where you must endure many attacks.
  3. Muscle Drinks boost agility: making your character speedier in combat. This agility increase helps you dodge opponent strikes and act quickly in key fight situations.
  4. Muscle Drinks can help you win tough battles: Time your consumption to maximise their effects when confronting tough enemies or difficult dungeon encounters.
  5. Resource Management: Muscle Drinks help manage your character’s abilities during long games. Without character or equipment enhancements, they boost performance temporarily but significantly.
  6. Combat Versatility: Muscle Drinks compliment different playstyles and techniques, giving you more options in combat. Muscle Drinks can improve melee strikes or strategic manoeuvring.
  7. Exploration Rewards: Muscle Drinks may be awarded for dungeon exploration or mission completion. This encourages deep exploration and game content engagement.

Strategies for Using Muscle Drinks Effectively in Persona 3 Reload

  1. Muscle Drinks: Save for tough boss fights. Muscle Drinks temporarily boost strength, agility, and endurance before boss fights. This boost can let you outdamage the boss and survive.
  2. Add Muscle Drinks to enhance skills throughout bouts: Use talents like Tarukaja to boost attack power, then drink a Muscle Drink to boost damage. This combo can boost enemy defeat.
  3. Think Critical: Muscle Drinks can boost your critical hits. Optimise critical hit rates by equipping weapons or skills. You can destroy adversaries, especially in crucial battles, using a Muscle Drink.
  4. Strategize based on enemy weaknesses: Plan your Muscle Drink usage accordingly. Using a Muscle Drink to improve your strength and exploit an enemy’s physical vulnerability can maximise harm.
  5. Manage SP Consumption: Muscle Drinks boost power but use SP. Before employing Muscle Drinks in battle, evaluate your SP reserves. To be competitive in lengthier conflicts, manage your resources.
  6. For Long Battles or Difficult Dungeons: Muscle Drinks can save you. Muscle Drinks are useful when you need a prolonged boost to tackle tough foes or barriers.


Muscle Drink in Persona 3 Reload improves gameplay. Getting goods like Muscle Drink helps you overcome problems and maximise your character’s potential as you play. Muscle Drink can increase your performance in Tartarus or harsh battles. It’s not enough to accumulate items—you must use them strategically. Keep a look out for Muscle Drink and use its benefits in Persona 3 Reload.

Questions and Answers

Where do I get Aojiru in Persona 3 Reload?

Aohige Pharmacy at Paulownia Mall sells nutritious, vegetable-based Aojiru. However, the pharmacy owner needs a Vintage Yagen before selling it. Finding what you need won’t be hard, thankfully.

How do you save Shinjiro p3 reload?

Unlike Chidori, Shinjiro cannot be saved in Persona 3 Reload, although he can be in Persona 3 Portable. He’s only been with the squad for a month, but this game determines his fate.

When should you sleep in class Persona 3 Reload?

Sleep or stay awake? If you need help, sleep in class early in the game to boost Courage quickly. First SEES member you can start a Social Link with is Fuuka, thus you need max Courage to start.

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