How to Rescue Barcus Wroot and Find His Pack in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Rescue Barcus Wroot and Find His Pack in Baldur’s Gate 3


As you progress through how to Rescue Barcus Wroot and Find His Pack in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will have the opportunity to interact with a number of different characters. Despite the fact that these characters come and go, they have the potential to leave an indelible mark on your campaign if you play your cards exactly right. During the later stages of the game, Barcus Wroot is one of the notable characters who can prove to be an invaluable asset to you.

During your exploration of the Blighted Village, you will come across a gnome named Barcus who is unable to move from a windmill. At this point, you have the opportunity to save Barcus, and if you are careful, you can have him join your camp, which will have a significant impact on the outcome of the action game. In Baldur’s Gate 3, here is everything you need to know how to Rescue Barcus Wroot and Find His Pack in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where to Find Barcus Wroot in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the western part of the Blighted Village, Barcus Wroot makes his debut appearance for the first time. A large group of goblins are encircling him, and they are eagerly watching him spin around the large windmill. They are curious to see how long he can continue to remain in that position.

As I approached, my group had the ability to either eliminate the goblins or persuade them to return to their camp, leaving him and his companions alone. Due to the fact that I was playing a Paladin at the time, my Baldur’s Gate 3 came to the conclusion that it would be more beneficial to persuade the goblins to leave and find other sources of entertainment.

How to Rescue Barcus Wroot and Find His Pack in Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Stop the windmill movement by pulling on a lever inside it to save Barcus Wroot.
  2. Get rid of the Goblins near the Gnome before saving him.
  3. You may have to fight or convince/scare the Goblins depending on how you entered the village.
  4. Use Fear, with a Skill Check of 5, to deal with the Goblins.
  5. Wait after the Goblins leave before attempting to save Barcus to avoid suspicion.
  6. Consider eliminating the Goblins if necessary.
  7. Avoid spending excessive time on futile attempts like cutting the rope with arrows and blades.
  8. Engage in turn-based combat to assess options during Barcus’s descent.
  9. Save Barcus by pulling the lever on the left spinning base at the back of the windmill.
  10. Avoid the lever next to it that accelerates the windmill.

Understanding the Importance of Rescuing Barcus Wroot

  1. Progress in Quests: Getting Barcus Wroot is often linked to a main quest or a side quest in the game. To move the story along, you might need to finish this task.
  2. Character Interaction: If you can save Barcus Wroot, he might give you useful information or rewards. He might give you new quests, items, or allies if you talk to him.
  3. Game Consequences: If you don’t save Barcus Wroot, you might lose their reputation, miss out on opportunities, or even change the world of the game.
  4. Role-playing: Saving Barcus Wroot fits with the heroic or selfless traits of many player characters. It lets players take pride in their part in the Role-playing game world and do good things.
  5. Completionist Mentality: Players who want to finish something or reach a goal may need to save Barcus Wroot in order to complete all the tasks in a certain area or questline.

Essential Tips and Strategies for Locating Barcus Wroot’s Pack

Tip/Strategy Description
Explore Thoroughly Search every nook and cranny in the game world for clues or hints regarding Barcus Wroot’s pack.
Interact with NPCs Talk to NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3 to gather information about Barcus Wroot’s pack and potential locations.
Complete Side Quests Some side quests might lead you to Barcus Wroot’s pack indirectly. Complete them for valuable leads or rewards.
Investigate Rumors Listen to rumors and gossip from NPCs. Sometimes, rumors may provide hints about the whereabouts of Barcus Wroot’s pack.
Follow Quest Markers Pay attention to quest markers on your map or compass. They often lead to objectives related to Barcus Wroot’s pack.
Utilize Divination Spells/Abilities If available, use divination spells or abilities to locate objects or individuals, such as Barcus Wroot’s pack.
Examine Environmental Clues Look for environmental clues, such as footprints or disturbed terrain, that may lead to the location of Barcus Wroot’s pack.
Check Hidden Areas Explore hidden or secluded areas where Barcus Wroot’s pack might be concealed.


During the first act of Baldur’s Gate, players have the opportunity to come across a peculiar circumstance just outside the Blighted Village. This early-game destination is home to a multitude of areas to investigate and secrets to uncover. After the player has completed their journey through the Village, they should proceed to ascend a short staircase that is situated in the northwest corner of the village, outside of the village.

Questions and Answers

Where is Barcus Wroot Act 3?

During the third act, Barcus and the other Ironhand Gnomes can be found in Angleiron’s Cellar from the beginning of the play. In order to spare the Gondians, he will request that the player refrain from assisting Wulbren. After some time has passed, if the Gondians are indeed liberated from the Steel Watch Foundry, it will be possible to convince Barcus to take the helm of the Ironhand Gnomes rather than Wulbren.

Where is Barcus Wroot’s bag?

Where to Look for the Backpack that Barcus Wroot Uses. Go to the right side of the windmill and look for a wooden hatch on the ground right next to it. This will allow you to find the pack that the gnome is carrying. The items that were discovered inside the hatch, including Barcus’s backpack and a chest, can be claimed by entering the hatch. The loot isn’t particularly impressive, but the fact that it’s free is still a plus.

Can you revive Halsin if he dies?

Despite the fact that you are able to bring your party members back to life and that Halsin is a recruitable character, he will be permanently killed if he falls during the raid at any point. This is because Halsin is not an official party member while Act One is being played.

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