How to Share a Clip of a YouTube Video

How to Share a Clip of a YouTube Video


How to Share a Clip of a YouTube Video: Some people like to share short clips from YouTube videos to draw focus to certain parts of the videos. Many things make people want to share a clip online. You might want to share a funny moment with your friends, talk about a scene, or support your favourite content maker. Because there is so much on YouTube, you can share only the videos you want other people to see. This can make discusses more interesting.

But you need to know how YouTube works and what tools you can use to make and share clips if you are interested in posting one. If you know how to do this well, you can better say what you want to say, start conversations, and add to online conversations. Short clips are a quick and easy way to connect with people and get your message across without sending the whole video.

This is something you should learn if you want to connect well on the web. To have better and more important online talks, learn how to share clips. This is true whether or not you’re sharing a funny moment or talking about something serious. Here are the simple ways how to Share a Clip of a YouTube Video. If you want to know more information about this visit YouTube Official Website.

Why Share YouTube Video Clips

People share YouTube movies for many reasons, such as to have fun, learn something new, or connect with others. People can show what they like, think, and feel by sharing. This makes them feel like they are part of a group. It gives them a way to show how creative they are or talk about things that are important to them. Users can also start conversations, fight, and work together after sharing movies.

Sharing videos can get more people to watch them, get more people to connect with them, and even make people money. People share YouTube videos to talk and interact online. They can talk to anyone and feel like they’re part of a bigger group from everywhere. This makes a worldwide conversation that never ends.

How to Share a Clip of a YouTube Video

Using YouTube’s built-in “Clip” feature

On Desktop

How to Share a Clip of a YouTube Video

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Go to the video you want to clip.
  3. Click the “Menu” button (three dots) below the video.
  4. Select “Clip” from the menu. (Note: This option might not be available for all videos yet.)
  5. Enter a title for your clip (up to 140 characters).
  6. Drag the sliders to select the specific part of the video you want to share (between 5 and 60 seconds).
  7. Click “Share Clip“.
  8. Choose how you want to share the clip (e.g., copy link, embed code, social media).

On Mobile App

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Find the video to clip.
  3. Tap the video title to open its page.
  4. Below the title, tap “Clip”.
  5. Add a title and select the portion using the slider.
  6. Tap “Share Clip” and choose your sharing method.

Sharing a specific part of the video with a timestamp

  1. Pause the video at the moment you choose.
  2. Right-click (or control-click) on the video.
  3. Select “Copy video URL at current time.”
  4. Paste the link where you want to share the clip.

Importance of Sharing Video Clips

  1. Emotional Link: Individuals can feel many different emotions when they watch short video clips. Movies and pictures can’t make us feel things the same way that videos can, whether or not it’s a funny moment, a moving message, or a sweet reunion. Sharing movies with others makes our connections with them stronger because it lets them feel exactly the way we do.
  2. Visual storytelling: Videos offer a vibrant platform for narrating stories. They make it possible to record and share stories in a way that piques the interest of not just one, but all of our senses at once, including sight, sound, and, in interactive videos, touch as well. Video clips allow us to express ourselves or highlight the tales of others, which in turn helps to spread understanding and awareness.
  3. Use of Pictures: That’s quite a lot of words. Just think about how powerful a short movie could be. Videos are great when you need to get your message across quickly and easily. Video clips let us talk easily and deeply, even if we don’t speak a single language or are from the same country. When we teach, describe, or refresh something, this is always the case.
  4. There’s no shame in wanting to be entertained and motivated: Both of these things can be done with video clips in an infinite number of ways. Sharing videos, like funny kitten videos or beautiful trip documentary films, can make each other’s days better and help us discover new things.
  5. Videos can be used for more than just fun; they can also be useful for educating. Watching and sharing short video clips can be helpful for everybody, whether they are talks from TED, films, or how-to videos. People who are interested in learning, including teachers and students, have found video-sharing sites to be very helpful in today’s online classrooms.


In conclusion, sharing parts of YouTube movies can make your online conversations much better. Sharing short video clips with others can help you easily emphasize important times, send messages, and start conversations, whether you’re working with coworkers, keeping friends up to date, or connecting with your audience. Even so, it’s not always simple. Somethings to think about are copyright rules, technology limits, and the features of the platform.

These problems notwithstanding, the advantages are obvious. Nowadays, sharing clips is a fun and engaging way to talk to each other online. As technology changes, it’s important to utilize the newest tools and techniques for sharing videos in a responsible and useful way. Skillfully sharing YouTube videos is useful whether you make content, use social media, or just like sharing interesting things.

Question and Answer

Can I edit or delete a clip after I’ve shared it?

It’s not possible to change or delete a clip once it has been shared right now. You can delete the posting or message where you shared the video, though, if you don’t want everyone to see it once more.

Will the creator of the original video be notified if I clip and share their video?

In the event that someone creates a clip of the original video and shares it, the person who created the initial video will receive a notification. The message makes it clear to them who created the video and where it was distributed.

Can I share clips of videos that are not mine?

Without a doubt! In the event that the video in question permits it, you are permitted to create and distribute short snippets from videos that are hosted on YouTube. However, bear in mind that you must comply with copyright regulations and obtain permission before releasing video.

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