How to turn on and off crossplay in Tekken 8

How to turn on and off crossplay in Tekken 8


This article will show you how to turn on and off crossplay in Tekken 8. Similar to the majority of contemporary games that feature online multiplayer game modes, Tekken 8 offers full crossplay support across all platforms that are currently available. This indicates that you will be able to compete against other players on any of the aforementioned platforms, provided that you both have crossplay enabled, regardless of whether you choose to play the action game on a personal computer, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series version.

Naturally, there are some players who would rather play the game with crossplay turned off, or who are eager to acquire additional knowledge regarding the functioning of crossplay in Tekken 8. The purpose of this guide is to provide as much information as possible, including instructions on how to turn on and off crossplay in Tekken 8 and how to actually compete against players who are using different platforms.

How to turn on and off crossplay in Tekken 8

  1. Start up Tekken 8 on your phone or tablet. Hold on until the main menu shows up.
  2. Click on “Options” in the main menu. Clicking this will take you to the game’s settings page.
  3. Get to the game’s option settings: To change game settings, go to the Options menu and choose “Game Option Settings.” This section lets you change a number of settings for the game.
  4. Find the settings for cross-platform play: Look for the “Cross Platform Play Settings” link. This setting lets you choose if you want to play with people who use different platforms.
  5. To turn on Cross-Platform Play, press “On.” This lets you play against people who use different gaming platforms, giving you a wider range of opponents.
  6. To turn off Cross-Platform Play, press “Off.” You can only play against people who are on the same platform as you, so you have a smaller pool of opponents.

The Importance of Crossplay in Tekken 8

  1. Increased Number of Players: Crossplay lets gamers from different platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox, etc.) compete with each other. This makes a lot more players available, cuts down on wait times for matchmaking, and makes sure that players can quickly find matches at any time of the day.
  2. Community Growth and Engagement: Cross-platform play makes the gaming community stronger by removing barriers between them. No matter what platform a player is on, they can connect with friends and enemies. This makes the player base more active and lively. This can also help local and international tournaments grow, since players from different platforms can join without any problems.
  3. Competitive Balance: Crossplay makes the game more competitive by giving players more opponents to fight. This variety in skill levels and playing styles can help make matchmaking algorithms better, making sure that players are always paired with opponents of the same level of skill. Cross-platform play also pushes game developers to keep the balance of different versions of the game across platforms, since any imbalances could make cross-platform competition less fair.
  4. Longevity of the Game: Cross-play can make Tekken 8 last longer by keeping a healthy player base over time. Cross-platform compatibility means that the game can keep getting new players and keeping old ones, even as hardware generations change and player populations move between platforms.
  5. Accessibility and Inclusivity: Crossplay makes games more accessible and welcoming by letting people with different hardware and gaming preferences play together. Players who don’t have access to certain platforms can still play the game with their friends, no matter what kind of gaming setup they like best.

Pros and Cons of Crossplay in Tekken 8

Pros Cons
1. Larger player base across platforms. 1. Potential for imbalanced gameplay due to differences in hardware performance.
2. Enhanced matchmaking opportunities. 2. Increased risk of cheating or hacking.
3. Longer-lasting community engagement. 3. Difficulty in maintaining parity between platforms in terms of updates and patches.
4. Fosters a more inclusive gaming environment. 4. Communication barriers between players on different platforms.
5. Allows friends to play together regardless of platform. 5. Technical challenges in implementation, potentially leading to bugs or glitches.
6. Competitive tournaments can include players from all platforms. 6. Platform-specific issues may arise, such as network stability or input lag.
7. Provides a level playing field for all players. 7. Potential for platform-specific advantages or disadvantages.
8. Increases longevity and sales potential for the game. 8. Increased workload for developers in managing cross-platform compatibility.

Tips for Maximizing Crossplay Experience in Tekken 8

  1. Practice Regularly: Crossplay means you’ll be playing against people from different platforms who play in different ways. You will be able to adapt to different strategies and get better at playing overall if you practice often.
  2. Know How Each Platform Is Different: The performance, input latency, and types of controllers may be a little different on each platform. Knowing about these differences can help you make changes to your game that will work better.
  3. Improve your internet connection: For crossplay to work, you need a stable and fast internet connection. If you can, use a wired connection and make sure your network is set up correctly to reduce lag and latency.
  4. Use a Wired Controller: Wireless controllers can work, but a wired controller can give you a more stable connection, which means you can make sure you have accurate controls.
  5. Change Controls: Change the controls to make them work the way you want them to and make sure they are comfortable for you. This can help you do better and be more responsive during matches.
  6. Learn Matchups and Strategies: Get to know the different characters and how they move, as well as the most common strategies players use. With this information, you’ll be better able to deal with different opponents.


While Tekken 8 is the most recent installment in the legendary fighting game franchise, the question remains whether or not it is possible to play it with friends who are using different platforms. We will provide you with all the information you require regarding the crossplay compatibility of Tekken 8 on personal computers, PlayStation 4, and Xbox, as well as its support for cross-progression.

Questions and Answers

Is Tekken 8 worth it?

Tekken 8 is, in my opinion, the best fighting game currently available on the market. Definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of fighting games and are going into the game with the right mindset, keeping in mind that mastering the game will take some time and practice. However, you shouldn’t expect to become an expert as soon as you start playing the game because it is very rewarding to play and learn.

Is Tekken 8 cross platform?

The confirmation of crossplay for online multiplayer in Tekken 8 means that players will be able to compete against one another across multiple platforms, including the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and the PC. Through a tweet sent out by Katsuhiro Harada in April 2023, this information was disclosed, thereby confirming that crossplay is included among the game’s features.

Is Tekken 8 fun offline?

The experience of playing Tekken 8 as a single player is one that players can take pleasure in. There are some players who choose to refrain from participating in online games until they have reached a certain level of expertise. The offline content that arcade runs and story modes provide is entertaining, but they lack depth. One of the single-player modes in Tekken 8 that has received praise is called Arcade Quest.

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