How To Unlock Dondoko Island In Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

How To Unlock Dondoko Island In Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth


How To Unlock Dondoko Island In Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth: Dondoko Island is a significant part of the appeal of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth; however, it is not immediately clear how and when the experience can be accessed within the game. It has been known for a long time that the Like a Dragon series, which was formerly published in the west as Yakuza, is renowned for including memorable and one-of-a-kind side content and minigames to accompany its more dramatic main stories.

Infinite Wealth promises to deliver an experience that is even longer and more robust than any of the previous action games have ever delivered, and Dondoko Island may be the selling point that stands out the most because of its comprehensive nature. Due to the fact that it takes place in Hawaii, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth represents a significant departure for the series. Dondoko Island also emphasizes the tropical setting of the game.

It is possible for the protagonist, Ichiban, to purchase and craft the items and materials necessary to construct a genuine paradise through the use of this mini-game, which incorporates the simulation elements of a video game such as Animal Crossing into a rich side activity. When time and effort are invested in Dondoko Island, it will attract visitors, which will result in the creation of a social component that is relaxing and enjoyable. Here are the simple steps how To Unlock Dondoko Island In Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How To Unlock Dondoko Island In Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

  1. Players must clear the areas, invite guests, unlock the Dondoko farm, and beat the swashbucklers in order to make Dondoko Island popular again.
  2. Fans of Like a Dragon: Infinite Health need to finish the first five chapters.
  3. People who finish Chapter 6 of the game will be able to go to Dondoko Island.
  4. When you finish the first five chapters, a new one called “Puppet on String” will start.
  5. The Players will get Ichiban to fall for Akane by luring him in.
  6. It takes a while to finish the little adventure game.
  7. The players need to finish the side story.
  8. After the players finish some of the chapter’s first goals, they will go to the beach.
  9. On the beach, the players will kill the bad guys.
  10. Many groups of people will appear after Ichiban fights the enemies, and they will knock him out.
  11. Ichiban wakes up and sees that he is on a strange island.
  12. They will tell Ichiban about this strange island called Dondoko Island when they meet him.
  13. The Ichiban will meet Matayoshi, who owns Dondoko Island.
  14. Matayoshi will talk about the good times on Dondoko Island and how popular it was.
  15. Once the player has talked to Matayoshi, their main goal will be to make Dondoko Island popular again.
  16. Players have learned about the history of Dondoko Island.
  17. To make Dondoko Island famous again, they will now complete the following goals:
    • Building Structures
    • Beating the Enemies
    • Crafting New Materials
    • Collecting Resources
    • Capturing Insects

Exploring the Benefits of Dondoko Island for Infinite Wealth

  1. Natural Resources: Rare minerals, precious metals, or unique plants and animals that are in high demand around the world could be found in large amounts on Dondoko Island. If these resources are used in a responsible and sustainable way, a lot of money could be made.
  2. Tourism: Dondoko Island could become a tourist hotspot if it has beautiful nature, clean beaches, and interesting cultural sites. Creating high-end resorts, ecotourism businesses, and exciting adventure activities could bring in a lot of money from tourists.
  3. Technology Hub: Dondoko Island could be set up as a haven for tech companies by offering tax breaks, up-to-date infrastructure, and a skilled workforce. Setting up research centers, innovation hubs, and startup incubators could bring in top talent and investment, which would lead to new technologies and economic growth.
  4. Financial Services: As a tax haven or financial center, Dondoko Island could offer favorable banking and investment rules that would attract wealthy people and businesses that want to get the most out of their money. Offering offshore banking, investment funds, and wealth management services could bring in a lot of money in the form of fees and commissions.
  5. Agricultural Innovation: Because the soil and weather on Dondoko Island are so good for growing crops, new farming methods like vertical farming, hydroponics, or organic farming could be used to get the best results. Selling high-quality agricultural goods on international markets could bring in a lot of money.
  6. Green Energy: To meet its long-term energy needs, Dondoko Island could use green energy sources like solar, wind, or tidal power. Additionally, sending extra energy to nearby areas or investing in green energy projects could lead to extra income streams.

Tips and Strategies for Maximizing Wealth on Dondoko Island

  1. Understand the Economy: Familiarize yourself with the economy of Dondoko Island. Learn about the value of different resources, currencies, and items. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions about how to invest your time and resources.
  2. Diversify Income Streams: Just like in real life, diversifying your sources of income can help mitigate risks and maximize earnings. Explore various ways to make money on Dondoko Island, such as farming, fishing, mining, crafting, and trading.
  3. Invest Wisely: Be strategic with your investments. Consider the long-term potential of different opportunities and prioritize those with the highest return on investment. Whether it’s purchasing land, upgrading tools, or acquiring rare items, make sure your investments align with your financial goals.
  4. Optimize Efficiency: Time is money, even on Dondoko Island. Find ways to optimize your workflow and maximize efficiency. This might involve upgrading tools, organizing your inventory, or automating repetitive tasks.
  5. Complete Quests and Challenges: Take advantage of quests and challenges offered in the multiplayer game. These often provide valuable rewards, such as money, items, or experience points. Focus on completing tasks that offer the best rewards relative to the effort required.
  6. Engage in Trading: Take advantage of trading opportunities with other players or NPCs (non-player characters). Buy low and sell high to profit from fluctuations in market prices. Keep an eye on supply and demand trends to identify lucrative trading opportunities.


As a result of the abundance of minigames and side stories that can be completed in Japan and Hawaii, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth lives up to the legacy it has established. This is the guide that will show you how to unlock the new mini-game, Dondoko Island, which is modeled after Animal Crossing and is included in the latest installment of the series. When it comes to the long-running Yakuza series, there is not a single game that has not included minigames that are played in unexpected ways. The series includes everything from arcades to karaoke to a game that is similar to Mario Kart, which can be found in Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon.

Questions and Answers

Is Dondoko island worth it?

In the game Within Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, there is an entire island that is waiting for you to come and change everything. This is the only way to obtain Ichiban’s Essence of Dondoko Beam, and despite the fact that it is one of the more laborious extra activities in the game, it is also one of the best ways to earn some extra cash.

How much does CJ pay for Dorado?

The months of June through September correspond to its availability in the Northern hemisphere, while the months of December through March correspond to its availability in the Southern hemisphere. When players sell the Dorado to CJ, they will receive 22,500 bells as payment for their efforts.

Can you sell your Animal Crossing Island?

In the event that you are interested in selling your town to Tom Nook, you must ensure that the tree in your town plaza is at least level three. He is not going to make an offer to purchase the town if it is smaller than this. It is only if you intend to delete your town in order to begin a new one that Tom Nook will make an offer to purchase it.

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