How to unlock Rake and Scrappy Rake in Enshrouded

How to unlock Rake and Scrappy Rake in Enshrouded


Do you know how to unlock Rake and Scrappy Rake in Enshrouded? In Enshrouded, landscaping can be a grind if you don’t have the right tools. Having a Rake on hand can make smoothing out your base’s rough edges easier. This will save you the time and effort of having to place blocks by hand to fill in holes or level the land.

The only game that has been more popular is Palworld. Enshrouded lets players go out into the world and clear the fog that covers it. To free the world, they’ll have to level up and make their way through hours of content. If you’re like us, you want to build the coolest house ever and need to level some land. Here’s how to get the right tool for the job!

When you first start playing Enshrouded, you probably already know how important it is to make and build your base. You will need to find a place to build your base as soon as you enter the world. Also, guess what? A useful tool called the Rake will help you get the area ready. here are the simple steps how to unlock Rake and Scrappy Rake in Enshrouded.

How to unlock Rake and Scrappy Rake in Enshrouded

Unlock Rake

  1. Build a Flame Altar.
  2. Craft a workbench.
  3. The Rake recipe will be available on the workbench once you have the following materials:
    • 6 Wood Logs
    • 2 String (made from plant fiber)
    • 2 Stone

Unlock Scrappy Rake

  1. Set up a basic base with a workbench and rudimentary weapons.
  2. Head towards the Enshrouded area. Look for the path next to the bridge.
  3. Follow the path, fighting any enemies you encounter.
  4. The path will eventually lead uphill and into a cave.
  5. Look for a metal wall you can climb. Ascend it and turn left.
  6. You’ll find a summoning cage. Interact with it to unlock the Blacksmith.
  7. Craft a Summoning Staff (requires just one twig) and place the Blacksmith at your base.
  8. Talk to the Blacksmith and craft the Scrappy Rake.

Understanding the Importance of Rake and Scrappy Rake

  1. Collection of Resources: Rake and Scrappy Rakes are the primary instruments that you’ll need to gather goods that are spread out in the game world. You need these elements to make items, build structures, and move forward in the video game. These tools help players obtain things like plants, stones, ore, wood, and more that they need to stay alive and move forward.
  2. Crafting: You can use the resources you get from Rake and Scrappy Rake to make various creations like buildings, tools, and items. It is possible for players to make guns, tools, armour, shelter, and other things that are important to stay alive in “Enshrouded World.” Rake and Scrappy Rake are very important for getting the items players need to craft, helping them move forward in the action game.
  3. Exploration: The game world in “Enshrouded World” is exceptionally big and full of secrets, dangers, and hidden treasures. Rake and Scrappy Rake help players explore the world better by finding resources, secrets, and things that are hidden. These tools let players dig, remove challenges out of the way, and find buried items, which lets them explore more and find useful items.
  4. Building and maintaining bases: As players get better at the game, they can build and expand their bases to make them more secure and useful at key points. Rake and Scrappy Rake are essential for building and maintaining bases since they clear land, level ground, build structures, and make defence stronger. With these tools, players can change and improve their bases to suit their wants and tastes.
  5. Combat Preparation: Rake and Scrappy Rake can help with combat planning and survival in a roundabout way, in addition to collecting resources and building bases. Players can get better gear, weapons, and tools by gathering resources and crafting necessary things. This increases their chances of surviving fights with hostile creatures and other dangers in the adventure game world.

Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Unlocking Rake and Scrappy Rake

  1. Focus on Quests: Do your quests carefully because they often give you the experience points and resources you need to unlock new characters like Rake and Scrappy Rake. Give more weight to quests that give prizes or experience boosts that are unique to your character.
  2. Grind in Efficient places: Figure out which levels or places are the best for getting experience points and resources quickly. Find places where enemies return often or where valuable items drop often to level up faster.
  3. Upgrade Gear: Give your heroes the best gear you can find to make them better at fighting. Improving your characters’ weapons, armour, and accessories can make them much better in fight, which can help you move through the game faster and unlock new characters.
  4. Use Combo Attacks: Try out different combinations of characters and learn how to use combo attacks well in fight. There is more damage done by combo strikes, and they also help you get experience points faster, which is important for getting new characters.
  5. Take part in events: Keep an eye out for special events in the game that give you extra prizes, experience points, or chances to unlock characters that no one else can. By going to these events, you may get a big boost towards getting Rake and Scrappy Rake.
  6. Join a Guild: To work through hard material with other players, you might want to join a guild or form a team. Guild events often give extra rewards and chances to level up your character, which can speed up the unlocking process.
  7. Optimise Skill Trees: Change the skill trees of your characters to fit the way you like to play and make them more useful in battle. Spend your skill points wisely on powers that work well together and make your characters stronger.


To get Rake and Scrappy Rake in Enshrouded, you need to have a good eye, think carefully, and maybe even a little luck. You’re going to have to use both your brains and your drive to get through the complicated world of Enshrouded. Rake’s strange allure calls out to adventurers to find out what it’s hiding, and Scrappy Rake has its own set of tasks to determine how strong you are.

The path to unlocking these characters isn’t just a drive for success; it’s also a story of how strong human beings can be when things go wrong. Finally, the thrill of finding and the satisfaction of solving past problems are rewards in and of themselves, which is what makes the search for Rake and Scrappy Rake an unforgettable adventure in Enshrouded.

Questions and Answers

What is the rake glitch in enshrouded?

You eliminate the power to make the Basic Rake when you level up and can now only create the Scrappy Rake. To make the Scrappy Rake, you’ll also need an easy rake. The only way around this is to start a new game, get a rake, and then make the scrappy rake in your old save.

What kills the Rake?

Another person should use UV Light to blind the Rake. Then, people with Shocked Sticks should pop vitamins and attack the Rake while he’s blind. If this plan works, you are going to able to kill the Rake. Taking vitamins and having multiple individuals use the stun stick at the same time will help kill the Rake fast.

Can you escape the Rake Roblox?

Hopefully, you will make it through the autumn. Now you need to run. If The Rake surprises you on the tower, you can get out of it. You just need to know what to do. Follow somebody who is running. Most likely, if you happen to observe someone running, The Rake is after them and must be close by.

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