Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Point Blank Kills

Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Point Blank Kills


Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Point Blank Kills: Would you like to acquire Point Blank Kills in MW3? Just like its predecessors, Modern Warfare 3 features a wide range of challenges that players must overcome in order to advance their weaponry and acquire better equipment. For certain challenges, sweet camos can also be unlocked. One example of such a challenge is the game Point Blank Kills.

It is extremely challenging to acquire kills in Point Blank, regardless of whether you are a novice player or a seasoned veteran of the series. The fact that you have to get up close and personal with enemies is a requirement for them, which can be challenging to accomplish on some of the maps in MW3. You are in luck because there are some strategies that you can employ that will make the process of obtaining kills at Point Blank a lot less difficult.

However, what is the most effective way to approach them? You might want to take a look at our list of the best SMGs in the action game. For those who want to rack up kills on sight, we even have the best Striker loadout in MW3 at our disposal. You can get access to the most recent content by purchasing the most recent Battle Pass for MW3 Season 2. Here are the steps Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Point Blank Kills.

What Are Point Blank Kills in Modern Warfare 3?

In the video game Call of Duty, the term “point blank kills” refers to the killing of targets with a firearm by shooting them at an extremely close range, typically within five metres. Before the kill can be counted, the player must be within touching distance of the target in order for it to be considered. These kills are considered to be among the most difficult to carry out, with collateral kills being the only other type of kill that is considered to be more difficult to carry out.

The players must get very close to their foes in order to achieve a Point Blank kill, which means they must expose themselves to the possibility of being attacked by them. The difficulty is further amplified on large or medium-sized maps in multiplayer games such as Modern Warfare 3, where it becomes nearly impossible to achieve kills at point blank range. The fact that there is such a low probability of coming across enemies in such close proximity makes this kill prompt an impressive accomplishment in the game.

How to Get Point Blank Kills in Modern Warfare 3

  1. People who play should know that it doesn’t matter what kind of gun you use to kill your enemies as long as you are close enough.
  2. Don’t forget, though, that some weapons work better close up. For example, it would not be smart to use a Sniper Rifle to kill someone quickly. wild long reload times mean that someone could sneak up behind you and kill you while you’re doing that.
  3. If you need to protect yourself, always use a submachine gun (SMG). They are strong up close. You could also use a shotgun or a pistol if you are sure that your shots will kill them right away.
  4. Second, it’s important to keep the perks you run while you’re trying to get clean kills. You should look into perks that let you move around without showing where you are. You might want to think about Cold Blooded and Double Time as perks. Cold Blooded hides you from enemy sight, but Double Time lets you tactical sprint for longer and speeds up your crouching by 30%.
  5. You can also get gear like Dead Silence that will temporarily block out your footsteps. You might also want to just hip fire into an enemy’s torso when they are very close, since you don’t need the extra accuracy that comes from aim down sights at that range.
  6. Sure, firing from the hip with SMGs, shotguns, and pistols at very close ranges will do the trick. As we already said, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get close-range kills in open areas.
  7. To finish this prompt, you should be smart about where you choose to work. There are some parts of the maps that are tight and work better for this. Like the hallways of the Breenburgh Hotel and the Santa Sena Border Crossing.

Understanding the Importance of Point Blank Kills

  1. Immediate Elimination: Killing an enemy point blank means they are gone right away, so they can’t fight back or attack back. In MW3’s intense multiplayer battles, you need to act quickly to stay alive and complete your objectives.
  2. How well a weapon works: Different weapons work best at different ranges. To get the most out of your weapons, you need to know how well each one works up close. Shotguns, submachine guns (SMGs), and pistols are especially deadly up close, which means they can be used for more point-blank killings.
  3. Advantage in battle: Getting point-blank kills gives a player an advantage in battle by quickly eliminating threats in close range. This makes it possible to effectively defend strategic positions, take control of important parts of the map, or push goals.
  4. Surprise and Stealth: Kills at point blank range can be done in a way that catches opponents off guard and stops them from reacting in time. When a player is surprised, it can change the course of an engagement in their favour, which can help the team win or improve their own performance.
  5. Perk and Loadout Optimisation: To make it easier to kill someone at point blank range, players can customise their loadouts with perks and attachments that are made for close combat. Hip fire accuracy can be improved with perks like Steady Aim or attachments like laser sights. This makes it more likely that point blank engagements will go well.
  6. Map Awareness: Being able to read maps well is important for finding chances to attack enemies directly. Players can set themselves up better for close-range battles by learning about map layouts, areas with a lot of traffic, and possible ambush spots.

Improving Accuracy and Reaction Time for Point Blank Engagements

  1. Weapon Selection: Choose firearms optimized for close-range encounters. Submachine guns (SMGs), shotguns, and pistols excel in point-blank engagements due to their high rate of fire, spread patterns, and mobility. Familiarize yourself with the handling characteristics and effective ranges of these weapons.
  2. Aim Training: Dedicate time to practice aiming specifically for point-blank encounters. Utilize aim training maps or custom game modes to hone your reflexes and muscle memory. Focus on quickly acquiring targets and maintaining precision under pressure.
  3. Hip-Fire Proficiency: Develop proficiency in hip-firing techniques. In close quarters, aiming down sights (ADS) can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Instead, practice firing from the hip while strafing or moving dynamically to maintain mobility and surprise your opponents.
  4. Peripheral Awareness: Enhance your peripheral awareness to anticipate threats from multiple angles. Train yourself to constantly scan your surroundings while engaging in close-quarters combat to avoid being caught off guard by flanking enemies.
  5. Reaction Time: Improve your reaction time through drills and exercises designed to enhance cognitive processing speed. Engage in reaction time training software or mini-games that challenge your ability to quickly identify and respond to visual stimuli.


Many people are filled with fear of God as a result of the words “Point Blank” in Call of Duty. Not only are they terrifying and troublesome, but they also make another appearance in MW3. Listed below is a helpful guide that will answer your questions about why and what they are. The kill prompts in Modern Warfare 3, which include assault kills and operator kills, are extremely difficult to accomplish.

Players are required to put in a lot of effort and accomplish objectives that are nearly impossible to achieve at the same time. Point Blank kills is one example of this type of kill prompt, which has made its way back to Call of Duty after making an appearance in Modern Warfare 2.5.

Questions and Answers

How does Point Blank work?

When you are in point blank, all you need to do to hit the target is point with the sights and click and you will be successful. Ballistics are not something that you need to take into consideration at all. In relation to the sight line, the barrel of the rifle is angled and tilted upward. The point of impact of the bullet will be below the aim point when it is at a very close range.

What is the best shotgun for point blank kills?

Shotguns are the most effective weapons for killing enemies at point blank range in MW2, as was mentioned earlier. The most popular choices among players are the Striker and the Ranger. The Striker is the most effective choice due to its high rate of fire and large magazine size. The Ranger is the second most popular choice.

What is the world record for point blank?

Chris Martin, a gamer from the United States, holds the record for the highest score on the Point Blank light-gun arcade machine, which is 192,338. Twin Galaxies has acknowledged that the score, which was determined by a referee and accepted by the team, was achieved through the use of no continues and represents the highest possible score in the game.

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