OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G review: for stunning photography

OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G review: for stunning photography


There have been a lot of talk about the long-awaited OnePlus Nord CE 4 for weeks now, and on April 1, it went on sale. We love a lot of great things about our new smartphone. Because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 engine, it runs quickly and lets you do many things at once. The big 5,500mAh battery makes it stand out. It will last a long time without needing to be charged often.

There are two cameras on the back of the OnePlus Nord CE 4. This makes it a better camera and gave people more ways to make beautiful pictures and movies. This comes right after the launch of the OnePlus 12 series, which did really well. And it’s clear that OnePlus wants to get better in the very competitive mid-range price range.

Features Table

The purpose of this section of our evaluation of the phone is to provide a brief summary of the device’s most important features and specifications. The purpose of this feature table is to provide a quick reference guide that may be used to grasp the capabilities of the device at a glance.

Feature Specification
Display 6.7-inch AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate ⚡
Processor Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 SoC 💻
Storage 128GB/256GB
Rear Camera 50MP (wide) + 8MP (ultrawide) 📷
Front Camera 16MP 🤳
Battery 5500mAh 🔋
Charging 100W fast charging ⚡
Software OxygenOS 14 (based on Android 14) 📱
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What is OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G?

When I take a look at the this , I see a smartphone that is in the middle of the price range and achieves a fantastic balance between the features it offers and the price it charges. This device comes equipped with a huge and vivid AMOLED display, a processor that is capable of handling everyday chores without any hiccups, and a battery that has a long lifespan and charges extremely quickly.

User Experience and Interface

This is the that I have been using, and I have to admit that I am quite impressed with it. The phone is powered by OxygenOS 14, which is effectively a version of Android 14 that is very close to the native version. This results in a clean and bloatware-free experience for me during my time on this platform. The user interface is exceptionally fluid and responsive, which makes each and every interaction a really pleasant experience.

It is important to note, however, that OnePlus has not yet integrated all of the artificial intelligence technologies that were promised to be included with the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor. Nevertheless, in spite of this, my utilisation of the device has been an outstanding experience altogether.

Display Performance

I have had a lot of time to use the Nord CE 4 5G, and I am truly amazed by its amazing features. Its beautiful 6.7-inch AMOLED screen and 120Hz refresh rate are two things that quickly caught my eye. This powerful mix makes for a very smooth visual experience, whether you’re playing games for hours on end or watching all of your favourite TV shows and films in one sitting.

The bright colours and high peak brightness of the screen make the whole watching experience even better. The display on the Nord CE 4 5G stays clear, bright, and easy to see from any angle, whether you’re inside reading a great book or outside enjoying the sun. This makes it a great partner for a wide range of activities, whether you’re at work or just hanging out with friends.

Design and Build Quality

It makes me feel safe and solid to hold the Nord CE 4 5G, even though its form doesn’t break any rules. The plastic back has a smooth finish that looks good and does a great job of keeping fingerprints off, so the device stays looking sleek and clean. The phone is dust and water resistant up to IP54, so you can use it without worrying in a variety of places and weather.

The 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with a 120Hz frame rate also provides smooth images, making it perfect for playing games and watching videos. The display’s bright colours and high peak brightness make watching it both inside and outside a truly engaging experience. The Nord CE 4 5G is a reliable and flexible device that can be used every day because of these features.

Camera Quality and Features

When I tried out the its camera, I thought it was pretty good for casual photos. During the day, the 50MP main camera worked well, capturing clear details and true colours. This made it great for normal photography jobs. But I noticed that the performance was average when there wasn’t much light, with some noise and colours that weren’t as bright as when there was plenty of light.

The 8MP ultrawide sensor was a nice feature because it made it easy for me to take pictures of wider scenes. This helped me get more into the frame when I was taking pictures of landscapes or groups of people. It is important to keep in mind that ultrawide lenses often lose some information compared to the main sensor. However, they let you take pictures from a variety of angles.

Performance and Software

The it’s Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor gives it good performance for everyday jobs like browsing the web, using social media, and streaming videos. From what I’ve seen, it makes these activities smooth and responsive, making sure that the phone handles them without any visible lag or slowdown.

But if you’re a power user or gamer who wants the best performance and most up-to-date specs, there may be other smartphones on the market with more advanced processors and features made for heavy tasks like gaming, video editing, or switching between apps that are hard to use at the same time.

Connectivity and 5G Performance

OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G review

According to my research, the OnePlus Nord CE 4 has a lot of different ways to join, so it works well with modern networks. Support for Wi-Fi 6 is especially amazing; it lets you connect to the internet quickly and efficiently, with less delay. When it comes to wireless connections, Bluetooth 5.3 makes sure that connections are fast and stable to a wide range of devices that are compatible. This improves the user experience by letting them share audio and data wirelessly.

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology makes the device even more useful by letting people like you pay without touching anything and quickly send data between NFC-enabled devices. It is important to keep in mind that these features for connecting may not be available in all areas.

Battery Life and Charging

The it has a great battery life, which I can confirm having used it. The phone’s huge 5500mAh battery means that it easily lasts a whole day, even with mild to heavy use. The Nord CE 4 5G will keep up with your activities without needing to be charged all the time, whether you’re streaming movies, playing games, or browsing the web.

This phone’s 100W fast charging feature is a big deal when it’s time to charge. Because of this technology, I can quickly bring my phone back to life, reducing downtime and ensuring that I can stay connected and get work done all day. The Nord CE 4 5G is a reliable friend for busy days and on-the-go lifestyles like yours because the battery lasts a long time and charges quickly.

Pricing Plans and Options

The OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G has been a great smartphone for me. It comes in a great package that appeals to a wide range of users thanks to its low price and great specs. The base model, which costs ₹24,999 (about $300), has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which is more than enough room for my apps, photos, and movies. There is a version with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage for people who need even more speed and space, but it costs a little more.

The OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G’s 5G connectivity is one of its best features. It gives you lightning-fast internet speeds and smooth performance for streaming, games, and multitasking. The device has a powerful motor that keeps things running smoothly even when doing a lot of work. This makes it a good choice for both work and play.

Final Words

It is my opinion that the OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G strikes a mix between performance, features, and cost, which makes it a good choice for individuals who are searching for a smartphone that is ready for 5G but does not break the budget. The user experience is enhanced by its sophisticated appearance, fluid operation, and powerful camera system, all of which add to the overall improvement.

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The Good and The Bad

In the following portion of our review of the OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G, we will discuss the top features of this mid-range smartphone as well as the areas in which it might be improved. First, let’s take a look at what makes it stand out, and then go over the areas where it may be improved.

The Good

  1. Smooth performance
  2. Vibrant AMOLED display
  3. Competitive pricing
  4. 5G support
  5. Fast charging

The Bad

  1. No official IP rating for water and dust resistance
  2. Limited camera features compared to flagship models

Questions and Answers

What extent does the OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G offer a worthwhile purchase?

To answer your question, the Nord CE 4 is an attractive choice among the products in its price range if you place a high value on a long battery life, a smooth display, and clean software. On the other hand, if your knowledge of photography is of the utmost importance, you might want to look into other options.

How does the Nord CE 4 compare to the Nord CE3?

To answer your question, the Nord CE 4 is superior to the CE3 in terms of battery capacity, charging speed, and processing performance. Overall, it is an improvement that is deserving of praise.

Is the OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G a good phone?

It has a big 120Hz AMOLED screen, great battery life, super-fast charging, and clean software. The OnePlus Nord CE 4 5G is a good mid-range option. But the camera doesn’t do very well, especially in low light, and the engine isn’t the fastest.

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